Auspicious lotus lotus exhibition hundred art professor Rao Zongyi
sources:天一阁博物馆Release date:2016-11-28 
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  Tianyi Pavilion honorary curator of the museum, Ancient Chinese Literature Search master professor Rao Zongyi "industry six, nine can only by the way of study, broad and profound, the history and philosophy of art together. On the occasion of the 450 anniversary of the building of the Tianyi Pavilion Pavilion, the special collection of professor professor since 1970 has been created, with "Lotus" as the theme of the painting and calligraphy works of nearly 40 sets of special exhibition. Mr. Rao's lotus in various law majestic and grand, on the whole, a new generation of painting lotus wind. Lotus fragrance is far from clear, natural without China's quality, is also a true portrayal of Rao Gong state of mind.

  Time: September 29, 2016 - October 30th

  Location: Tianyi Pavilion painting and calligraphy art house, cloud on the floor



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