The Museum of the Tianyi Pavilion union to carry out Jane Jing "- Zen miniature pot production activities
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  Four seasons youth, the most beautiful autumn, brushed warm summer, with feelings of autumn cool and quiet beauty. It is a red leaf, a twig, a tuft of moss; can also be a piece of bamboo, a broken bowl, a piece of rubble.... so, only to decorate our hearts of the beautiful. The Museum of the Tianyi Pavilion union hand interest group in October 26th "happy noon time, union activity room was held on the theme of" Jane Eyre "Zen miniature pot creation.

  This activity with flowers are available everywhere in our daily life grass flowers and nondescript spored moss, intended to let everyone in life can slow down, change a mood to find beauty and beauty of the unknown to the public eye. Activities not only by the trade union interest groups in the hand of the group members welcome, but also attracted the enthusiasm of other members of the union to participate in. The scene, we launched the imagination, the ingenious combination of various plants and collocation, not long, little green pot pots are elegant it has begun to take shape, small room suddenly filled with a deep sense of poetry and zen!

  "Taihen order green grass into the shade", holding their creative works, we have said very much love this kind of practical and artistic activities in one, that in fact in life to find a small world is very simple! A good interpretation of the Tianyi Pavilion Museum of trade unions as a manual interest groups to build the platform to find, to create the will of the United states!

Walk in flowers

I am drunk ~ beautiful

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