Macao library and Advisory Management Association, a line of staff to visit Tianyi Pavilion
sources:天一阁博物馆author:刘晓峰Release date:2016-11-28 
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  November 25th morning, the Macao library and Consulting Management Association of 17 people visit my museum visit, exchange. This is the second visit, a return visit last year I went to Macao organized the exhibition hall rubbings. A bank staff to observe the subject I museum display and ancient garden and archives research department personnel of the theme of "ancient culture and management" business forum.

  During the discussion, the two sides on the number of ancient books, features, storage methods, personnel settings and other related issues were introduced and exchange. According to reports, the Macao library has a collection of ancient books more than two copies, which are the characteristics of literature. Then, the collection department researchers have demonstrated a distinctive collection of ancient books to the Tianyi Pavilion. Visitors, carefully watched the collection of ancient books and related issues, and the exchange of personnel in our library. Macao University, deputy director Wang library curator Bechand St. Joseph's university library were presented to our library "paper repair glossary" book and related cultural and creative products. In the end, a line of staff said that the harvest is very much, hope that the future will have the opportunity to conduct more business exchanges.

Group photo

Business discussion

Discussion on ancient books

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