Treasure the public consultation activities held in Tianyi Pavilion
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The morning of December 10th, CO sponsored by the Ningbo Archaeological Museum and Ningbo Museum of the Tianyi Pavilion Institute "Museum attached to you and me -- 2016 people treasure public consultation activities held in the Museum of the Tianyi Pavilion hall champion.

With the continuous improvement of people's living standards and cultural quality continues to rise, the folk collection has become increasingly common, "treasure people" has become a reality. Therefore, the value of the eighth "Ningbo city day" is approaching, Li Jun, Yuan Hui, invited Chen Feirong, Tong Xiaolu, Chen Mingliang five experts in our city and ancient artifacts, painting and calligraphy class version of a class for Yongcheng public service, identification of "baby", the authenticity and the collection value.

On the day, although there are still more than 20 wind chills, people braved the cold, bring their own collection of "baby" excitedly came to ask an expert appraisal. With a stunning "baby", activity climax scene.

People came up to Pei aunt a pocket full of old objects, a jade seal, and the number of pieces of porcelain censer. Among them, there is a celadon vase by the experts for the late Qing Dynasty artifacts, great value of collection. Pei aunt also pulled out a pair of delicate glasses, platinum frames, crystal lenses, experts believe that this pair of glasses is nearly 100 year old". "This pair of glasses, my grandmother had been wearing, she brought back from abroad. My grandmother young in foreign work, can be stylish!" Pei aunt said proudly.

Then, an old watch attracted the attention of experts. This is a piece of copper enamel mechanical watch "OMEGA" brand, open when the cursor is still in precise walking. This old watch experts speculate that should be "OMEGA" brand products in the initial period of the late Qing Dynasty, for the goods, probably at the end of the Opium War, after the opening into the country. Bring the watch said the old gentleman, this is his Grandpa collections, because of its exquisite workmanship, and be handed down from age to age history. At the same time, the old gentleman also put a few pieces of currency, the experts also has a certain value to the collection.

Another old man took out a big porcelain porcelain, no burr, well preserved, the experts unanimously affirmed. "This is the Qianlong period of the porcelain kilns, is a good thing, hope to continue to keep down." Experts said loud shouts of applause.

The event, people who experts patiently answered, in the best of spirits, warm atmosphere. Organizers hope that through this treasure public consultation activities, to further promote the Chinese traditional culture, improve the public cultural and artistic appreciation ability, lay a solid foundation for the masses of the historic city of Ningbo.

                                             The experts of calligraphy and painting

                                                         Experts identify coins

                                            Experts identify porcelain

                                           Experts identify porcelain

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