"The word" -- the taste of the beauty of their Chinese characters
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The song is currently our most common typefaces, you know today's "Songti" is how evolved? In December 11th, in order to carry out the cloud is being extended in the building "rue overflowing social educational function -- Book Culture in the Ming Dynasty of the world" exhibition, let the audience feel more ordinary Chinese Chinese characters cultural connotation, Tianyi Pavilion academy held a special "word -- word design experience at the beginning of their song" activities, not only can let the participants understand the song the past and present, as well as professional teachers personally teach you how to design a very temperament of the Song Ming Dynasty woodblock.

Participate in the activities of more than thirty people in the first experience on professional teacher's understanding of the process of songtypeface generation, shaping, development has evolved. "The song" the Song Dynasty is the font? With this question, the teacher began to teach us knowledge of the Ming Dynasty published books inscribing etc.. In fact, the song is the Ming Dynasty have the font, it is a version of a special term science, is a new font form imitation of Song Dynasty in Zhejiang in the mid Ming Dynasty carved book edition.

What is different from the regular font characteristics? As we all know, the script is now popular traditional Chinese handwriting Chinese characters, its founder structure, exquisite collection order, provided there are echoes relationships between meals, strokes and in pen. The song is not the same, there is actually a song and Carved Engraved on. In ancient times, the ministry can not read, but according to the sample to write, so, carved out of the word is certainly not as delicate as the exquisite handwriting. The song the most obvious feature is the "thick horizontal thin vertical strokes", at the end of the decorative part, in addition, by carving produced in the sculpture square hard and unexpected incomplete, also make font showing simple unadorned beauty. Of course, the song from the Ming Dynasty has passed through continuous development, has a slightly different characteristics in different times. After visiting the exhibition, on hearing of professional teachers, specifically to participate in the activities of the calligraphy lovers Liu said excitedly: "now I didn't think we even from the Ming Dynasty there, and there are so many subtle changes, after the teacher's explanation, it is more and more beautiful!"

And then to the design and production experience of the link. The activities of a total of two production design content, respectively, for the production of rubber stamps and hand drawn bookmarks. Participants will design their own typeface through carved or painted way produced products. One participant said: "I looked nice, really want to own design, it is not easy, I like this seal design, the overall layout of the repeated revision." Preparing hand-painted bookmark is relatively easy, because the paper size is bigger than the seal in the writing process can not be well. Many participants in the professional under the guidance of teachers, grasp the characteristics of the corner decorative font, font design classic and elegant cultural atmosphere, especially. This activity let you appreciate the participants brought aesthetic experience Chinese characters writing, with a daughter to participate in the activities of Ms. Wang said: "in the activities to stimulate children's interest in writing, so that we are a lot of knowledge."

The teacher taught stamp "old fan book"

We learn together

Visitors involved in the production of two bookmarks, cloud in the wonderful, Tianyi Pavilion"

People make seal "with rue"

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