Love teaching base of Tianyi Pavilion Museum reception busy spring season
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In April 16th, the sun in the colorful flowers in full bloom, Tianyi Pavilion park green trees, Tianyi Pavilion Museum ushered in a group from Ningbo foreign trade and economic cooperation of the kindergarten children.

In Tianyi Pavilion Museum, the children can not only enjoy the spring sunshine, enjoy the spring scenery, feel the seasons change, bring Spring returns to the good earth. heartfelt joy, more importantly, to understand the history of library collections in the Tianyi Pavilion, feel the culture. Taking into account the many small number of friends, Tianyi Pavilion electronic access control system for kids "light" release, in order to ensure the quality and safety of children to visit Tianyi Pavilion, specially arranged for instructors accompanied by reasonable arrangement of tour route.

It is reported that the spring season began after many schools have chose Tianyi Pavilion as spring outing destination, the day to Australia Sydney City Experimental Primary School Rouse Hill primary school teachers and Students Delegation also visited Tianyi Pavilion, Chinese students with English to their foreign friends in the Tianyi Pavilion library, the tone is full of pride.

As a provincial level two patriotism education base, the Tianyi Pavilion Museum attaches great importance to society to play its educational function, make full use of the important festival, carefully organize the love of teaching activities, the development of love to teach courses, expand the social influence of the love education base.


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