The grass warbler fly to Changqing tomorrow, worship contonensis kite
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Is a year when the Ching ming. Tomb-sweeping Day is the Chinese nation grave worship, the memory of their ancestors in the day, is a hiking outing, close to the natural spring ceremony. The Museum of the Tianyi Pavilion as a provincial patriotism education base in Ningbo city and social practice class base, organization, modern gold news reporters in April 2nd to join the "memory of sages Fan Qin, inheriting the traditional culture" as the theme of the Tomb-sweeping Day activities.

Fan Qin, the Chinese proud bibliophile set reading, love books, books example for posterity, win good liufangqiangu, a good book broadcast Kyushu Hui, we organized more than 40 teenagers participated in the sweep of Tianyi Pavilion founder Fan Qin tomb, to inherit the library spirit, feelings of traditional culture. At the scene, Tianyi Pavilion Museum teachers give reporters introduced by Fan Qin, advocated junior friends to inherit the book collection, Fan Qin Ai's career, the continuation of Ningbo heirloom context, but also inherit the life style of Fan Qin. After listening to the teacher's speech, the small reporters with reverence in front of the tomb of Fan Qin presented a beautiful chrysanthemum expression of Fan Qin's memory.

Tomb Sweeping Day, is also the best time for children to get close to nature. At this time all blooming, spring is strong, I saw the little reporters looking for a variety of weeds in the fields, together hold in group of threes and fives, fighting off for the rabbi, who continue to lose to win, the boys continue to search for a more robust weed to win through the game, the children picked up in children the music played, really feel the full rotation of the four Spring returns to the good earth.. The kite, known as the Ningbo kite. The old saying: "the worship of Ningbo old eat melon seeds, February guild kite, March April being under the farm, Shaichang grind millet." The Qingming Festival, bright spring days, the wind is stable, it is a good time to put the kite. Reporters in the park has found a wide lawn, homemade flying kites, their eyes staring in the sky above the kite, to forget the troubles, every face was beaming with the heart smile.

Through this event, reporters not only know Tibetan calligraphers of the life of Fan Qin, learn Fan Qin's library spirit, and in the beautiful spring sunshine experience Tomb-sweeping Day tradition had a traditional festival meaningful.

Introduction of Fan Qin's life

To the tomb of Fan Qin


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