"The dream of the sea" in the middle and primary school social practice into Tianyi Pavilion
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7 months late, when the weather is hot Yongcheng, 30 through the "application" for primary and middle school students in Haishu District in two batches into the Museum of the Tianyi Pavilion, started the social practice for two weeks. This time the social practice, the children are very good performance, bright spots.

Despite the heat, the most difficult job request

Tianyi Pavilion is on working face hot weather, mosquito bites in a difficult environment, teachers worry that children body too much, so as to give children access to luggage in the service center at the west gate, distributing promotional materials and answering consulting posts. But many children "advice", want to take the initiative to do work on the Town Central Primary School, Ming Zhu Caiyu said: "I am not afraid of hard work, I think the explanation can exercise my eloquence and ability to communicate with people."

Warm and generous, in the face of visitors to take the initiative

Wearing a "Tianyi Pavilion Museum Volunteer" ribbon children, face the wait-and-see attitude of tourists, although tourists also like to know the story behind the museum exhibition, but generally will not take the initiative to ask for volunteers to explain, so these face young volunteers can do active opening explain to tourists? Guangji Central Primary School Fan Junwen is responsible for the explanation of the Tianyi Pavilion library, I saw him in front of a liberal and dignified backpack tourists said: "Uncle hello! Let me explain to you!" After the visitors certainly reply, he began to explain the Tianyi Pavilion Library: "Tianyi Pavilion library, also known as the treasure house, built between 1561 and 1566......" He explained it very vivid, beam with joy, passing tourists have been attracted to his side.

The volunteers from the first day of the second days of crude to mature, initiative, rapid growth, positive self-confidence, tourists from Beijing Chen said, from these children to see the elegance of the primary and middle school students in Ningbo.

Seriously study, get the old volunteer point of praise

Before they start, I have carried out on-site training of Museum volunteers, the children not only study on the draft, also their home data query, supplemental content, Guangji Central Primary School Ma Yue to explain clearly the Tianyi Pavilion library pattern, have their own specially drawn two drawings, drawings to explain the collection building the pattern was clear.

Tianyi Pavilion Museum has an outstanding elderly university volunteer team, the performance of the volunteers have also been the old volunteers affirmed and appreciated. Volunteer Xu Aili said: I saw the children in the former residence of van's obligation to explain the scene, the children explain very seriously, that love in the hands of each person in the hands of the transfer."

"Sea of dreams" primary and secondary school students in social practice activities carried out by the Haishu District Board of education agency organization, to guide the young people to the society and experience the society and serve the society for the purpose of this year is fourth, this activity makes the young students to enhance self-management ability, master the simple industry related knowledge and skills, the majority of students welcomed.

Small volunteer sweat

Explain the Xiezhi pattern



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