The International Academic Conference on books and literature in Ming Dynasty was concluded in Tianyi Pavilion.
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"No matter how the world changes, books will always be human beings and animals have an intuitive proof of the nature of the distinction, but also one of the most precious part of human civilization." In the afternoon of December 4th, the International Academic Conference on books and literature of Ming Dynasty was concluded in Tianyi Pavilion. The scholars attended the meeting and read out the consensus of the Tianyi Pavilion.

This seminar is an academic event in the field of books and literature research in the Ming Dynasty. More than 30 scholars from 9 countries and regions have conducted in-depth research on the rich connotation of the books in the Ming Dynasty, especially the Tianyi Pavilion, and have achieved fruitful results. The conference received a total of 30 papers will be published after the collection date.

The participants will also discuss the future of paper books, the value of humanity reading, the future development of Tianyi Pavilion and other issues, and finally formed the "consensus of Tianyi Pavilion". "Consensus" to advocate cultural institutions of various types of East and west to strengthen cooperation and exchanges, the popularity of book knowledge and reading skills, to create a good atmosphere for scholarly society, gentleman of the world.

"To strengthen the protection and research of ancient paper books, and actively promote the construction and development of contemporary paper books culture, is still the world's cultural people to resist ignorance, vulgar one of the important mission." Scholars believe that the study of Tianyi Pavilion, will lead to the study and development of the culture of paper books.

"Consensus" is also particularly recommended that Tianyi Pavilion as the oldest existing private library in Asia, should actively declare the world's cultural heritage in the maturity of the objective conditions. Especially the Tianyi Pavilion had hidden continuous record China traditional civil service examination system and the results of the series of ancient books - Ming dynasty recorded, should declare memory of the world heritage.

This year is the 450 anniversary of the Tianyi Pavilion pavilion. As a long history of human culture in the contemporary still has an important symbol of vitality, the rich collection of Tianyi Pavilion literature has always been the attention of scholars at home and abroad. The proposal from the eastern and Western experts and scholars from 9 countries, once again affirmed the rich cultural connotation of Tianyi Pavilion in the world has a profound influence.

Guest speaker

Guest speaker

Tianyi Pavilion museum curator Zhuang Lizhen to do the report

Zheng Weiwei, deputy director of the Tianyi Pavilion Museum presided over the closing ceremony


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