Tianyi Pavilion Museum in Union City, Union Cultural Liaison Group Meeting
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In order to do a good job in 2016, summary and evaluation system of grass-roots trade union work, according to the working steps of Wenwei Union and requirements, education unions in December 7th held a cultural liaison group meeting. Tianyi Pavilion Museum union chairman Ku Jinhong attended the meeting of the cultural liaison group.

At the meeting, first by the grass-roots trade unions report 2016 annual work summary, year-end assessment scores and 2017 annual work ideas. Our library union chairman Comrade Ku Jinhong 2016 annual Tianyi Pavilion Museum highlights the work of trade unions and innovation at the meeting made the exchange: 2016 annual trade unions in accordance with the "trade union work around the center, serving the overall situation, the principle of" innovation work carrier, to fully mobilize the members' enthusiasm and initiative. After investigation, the interest group is divided into sports, chess, photography, art crafts, fitness, and other six sub group. To carry out such as photography, printmaking, flower arranging salon activities; at the same time, the Museum of the Tianyi Pavilion Union, spring sports, games and other major activities of collective fall. A year later, sports activities more than and 20 games, the successful implementation of the month activities work goal, to continue to add new vitality to the general business. In addition to carrying out all kinds of activities, the Ministry of education, I also actively declare the "workers vanguard" of the creation, through careful preparation and strict requirements of their own, by the way to create a check.

In addition to its own organization rich trade union activities, the Museum of the Tianyi Pavilion Union in the city to participate in the activities of trade unions, and also award success: the organization of trade union members to participate in the city, union workers "3" education network knowledge contest, union membership, Li Xianhui won the third-prize. Our library of female workers unions actively "workers good tradition" activities, finally 9 articles were selected, won the two prize of two, third-prize two, Finalist Award five.

In 2016 at the Museum of the attention of the leadership support and concern, together with the team in the lead of the chairman of the trade union, actively participate in and encourage all members in the pavilion, built in the Tianyi Pavilion 450 anniversary of a series of activities, make a contribution, won praise. This also makes us believe that only innovation and entrepreneurship, the group policy to better write a new chapter in the Tianyi Pavilion collection!

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