Jiangbei District, the ancient architecture of the ancient buildings in the Tianyi Pavilion Museum exhibition held in the Museum
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December 8th morning, Jiangbei District Ma Keng Village of ancient buildings painted exhibition hall style champion at Tianyi Pavilion Museum held the exhibition to Ma Jing Cun hand-painted Zhang family buildings as the main body, in addition to Zhang's ancestral hall (Yong Sitang), other Zhang Ma Keng Village building surviving such as: before the new house, after the new house, Zhang's tomb, Zhang Shifang, real, real Shigemasa Qiankun and other ancient buildings were also artists with true to life watercolor, color lead, ink, pens, paint, acrylic, pen, charcoal and other tools to draw in all kinds of paper, cloth, a total of 55 works of different styles, realism and art in poly one.

The event by the Jiangbei District Party Committee Propaganda Department, Federation of Tianyi Pavilion Museum and Jiangbei District Jiangbei District Artists Association Co sponsored, contractors and other units. The opening ceremony, Zhang clan to Tianyi Pavilion Museum presented a genealogy genealogy, on behalf of Jiangbei District Federation also to the horse size of the Zhang family donated the exhibition as a. The site also carried out a pen, Ge Xiaohong, Si Weichao, Wang Fucai, Zhang Linhui and other four jointly carried out on-site creation, and from the Tianyi Pavilion collection. Jiangbei District Party committee, propaganda minister Liu Zhen, Tianyi Pavilion museum curator Zhuang Lizhen, Ningbo Artists Association chairman Sun Peiliang attended the opening ceremony.

"Tong Yao Ma diameter, silver good hit the wall" in Ningbo folk spread hundreds of years, say is the Zhang family early CI Dong Yao, Ma Tong's family and village size. The Zhang family is located in the village of Bridge Street Ma Jing Cun, Ningbo's history is long and inherited a large family, for hundreds of years people around the world. For example, a pair of Brothers - China modern history of Zhang Sixun and Zhang Sigui well-known, far and near, they are pioneers from Ningbo to the world, eventually become "learning technology to the barbarians" Westernization Movement, an important figure in history China outstanding diplomat. And the female poet, Tiantai monk Zhang Ruzhao and Xiling Seal-Engravers'Society early representatives and yinpu collector Lu An Indonesia siblings.

That this time Mr Zhang Luan old ancient architecture hand-painted show news, Mr. Zhang Luan, Mr. Gao Xiong only handed down from the Indonesian formula is very happy, but because of physical reasons can't come, sent a congratulatory video.

The exhibition from December 8, 2016 to the end of January 7, 2017, welcome to visit the exhibition art lovers.

Opening scene

Zhang's family to the Tianyi Pavilion Museum of Zhang's family tree

Jiangbei District Association donated to Tianyi Pavilion Museum Exhibition

Tianyi Pavilion museum curator Zhuang Lizhen issued a collection of certificates to the author Zhang Linhui

Minister Liu Zhen and Zhuang Lizhen curator for the opening ceremony

Si Weichao, Ge Xiaohong, Wang Fucai, Zhang Linhui and other four people together to create the scene

High style bear for the exhibition to congratulate the video

The visitors are visiting the exhibition



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