The Third Chinese Contest for Foreigners in Ningbo Rounded off at Tianyige Museum
sources:天一阁博物馆Release date:2017-10-30 
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It was October in autumn, the heady fragrance of laurel blossoms wafted through the fresh air. On October 27th, foreign friends loving Chinese from South Korea, Indonesia, Bangladesh, Tunisia,Iran and Ukraine gave witty remarks and displayed their elegant demeanour, andthe third Chinese contestofforeigners in Ningbo was held at Zhuangyuan hall of Tianyige, "the Southern Book City ".

As one of Ningbo's first international exchangedemonstration bases, on the basis of successfully holding Chinese contestforforeigners in Ningbo for two consecutive years, this contest, compared with the first two Chinese contests, attracted contestants from more countries, the Chinese level at the contestwas higher, the competition was more intense, the setting of sections was renewed, sections like linkingwords to form a sentence, ask and answer of traditional knowledge as well as recitingclassical Chinese poetry were added, and group contest of three was adopted for the first time, which let the players know more about the richness of the Chinese culture and the magnificence of the Chinese art and also made the competition more exciting.

This contest received a positive response from various schools such as Ningbo University, Ningbo Huamao international school and University of Nottingham Ningbo, after rounds of selection inside the school, a total of 18 players reached the finals, and were divided into 6 groups to compete for the titles of champion, second place and third place. " It is always a pleasure to greet a friend from afar." Every foreign player on the stage travelled thousand miles to come to China, they were all envoys of spreading Chinese culture. In the contest, the contestants answered traditional Chinese knowledge in fluent Chinese, recited classical Chinese poetry with much appreciation and interest, in the thematic speech of "Chinese delicacy and me", the audience, listening to their description, seemed to have tasted mouth watering delicacy one dish after another, in the last section oftalent show, they displayed their "special skills", which were unusually brilliant. This contest enabledforeign friends to feel the endless charm of traditional Chinese culture and to understand the beautiful city of Ningbo with rich humanitarian depositand long history and culture.

After five rounds of fierce competition, students Wei Quanhan, Yueliang and Ju Lesi from Ningbo Universitywon the first prize of group, the Iranian girl Yueliang from Ningbo University displayed the best Chinese knowledge, ranked first, and won the champion title.

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