Film Master Yuan Muzhi's Daughter, Yuan Xiaomu, Came toTianyige to Seek herRoot
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In the afternoon of November 17th, Yuan Xiaomu, the daughter of the film master Yuan Muzhi, returned to Ningbo to seek her root and came specially to Tianyige to look up Yuan's family tree.

Yuan Muzhi, formerly known as Yuan Jialai, was born in Ningbo on May 30th, 1909, and was one of the earliest organizers and leaders of the Chinese film industry. In 1946, Yuan Muzhi served as the first director of the Northeastern Film Studio and as the first director of the film Bureau of the Ministry of Culture of PRC. Yuan Muzhi made a classic movie in the history of the Chinese film industry, namely, Angel on the Road, it is well-known to every familyup to now andits interludeThe Wandering Songstress is very popular. Yuan Muzhi was also the original singer of the national anthem March of the Volunteers, which is enough to show his position in the history of Chinese music and Chinese revolutionary. Yuan Muzhi is one of the five leading Chinese film leaders, and his bronze statue stands in the Chinese Film Museum. The former residence of Yuan Muzhi ison the NanjiaoRoad (now Nantang Old Street), he attended school in the Yuan's Chongzhi primary school of this street. His father died when he was 7 years old, thenhis family fortunes declined. He left home at the age of 12 and went to Shanghai to seek refuge with his relatives, then his contact with the hometown was gradually cut off.

This time, Yuan Muzhi's daughter, Yuan Xiaomu, specially came back to Ningbo to seek her root. "Thefamily tree is the evidence of root, as I heard thata Yuan's genealogy is inTianyige Museum, I have always wanted to see and touch it." Yuan Xiaomu said, "I did not expect to have this honor to be so close to the family treetoday, a long cherished wish was realized."With the help of the experts ofTianyige, Yuan Xiaomu opened the Yellowish Yinyi Chengnan Yuan's Genealogy in the Third Edition, in the genealogy, she found her father and grandfather's name, and dated her family history back to the Song Dynasty, she was surprised to learn that her family was actually one of the four big families in the Southern Song dynasty, and one of her ancestors was a Number One Scholar. At the same time, the ancestral portraits, toft maps and family temple figures in the family tree made her sigh and feel very excited, "my ancestors are our Yuan's honour, having seen these, my sense of belonging to my clan has become even stronger."

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