Our Museum Sent Staff to Participate in NingboIntangible Cultural Heritage Protection Training Class
sources:天一阁博物馆Release date:2017-11-20 
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From November 15thto 16th, the 2017 Ningbo Intangible Cultural Heritage Protection Training Class which was sponsored by Ningbo Municipal Bureau of Culture, Radio, Television and Publishing and undertaken by Ningbo MunicipalCultural Center, Ningbo MunicipalIntangible Cultural HeritageProtection Center and Fenghua District Bureau of Culture, Broadcast and Press opened in Fenghua. Leaders and section chiefs of the Bureau of Culture, Broadcast and Press of each district, county (city) in charge of Intangible Cultural Heritage work, leading officials of Intangible Cultural Heritage Protection Center of each district county (city), leaders of Ningbo's first batch of intangible cultural heritage special small town establishment unit in charge of this work, cultural station directors, national level and provincial levelinheritors selected into Ningbo Municipalintangible cultural heritage representative project cultivation library and leaders of project protection units attended the training. Wang Jinyu, director of our museum's collection restoration department and inheritor of Zhejiang province intangible cultural heritage "Ningbo Tianyige ancient book restoration techniques" participated in this training.

At the opening ceremony, Yang Jin, deputy cpc party secretary and deputy director of Ningbo Municipal Bureau of Culture, Radio, Television and Publishing pointed out that the protection of intangible cultural heritage should do creative transformation and innovative development work while at the same time learning the experience of the old. At the same time, intangible heritage protection requires strong scientificalnessand normalization.In the next stage, Ningbomunicipality would start the inspection work of intangible heritage protection, make regular assessment, and put into practice a withdrawal mechanism for units which do not carry out intangible heritage protection work well, ensuring thelively state of the intangible heritage work and achieving the overall goal of transmitting life, integrating into life, innovative production and optimizing environment of intangible cultural heritage.

The training of this timewas related to aspects such as the interpretation of the Convention on the Protection of Intangible Cultural Heritage, the establishment of speciality small towns, the declaration of back-up library projects. its contents were rich and practical, its design was reasonable. Through this training, the students have gained a profound understanding ofintangible cultural heritages and the protectiontasks of intangible cultural heritages, which provided guidance for the follow-up work. Our museum will take this training as an opportunity to actively implement the spirit of the 19th national congress of cpc, to strengthen the development of intangible cultural heritage protection capabilities, to improve our museum's collection repair work level, to do the documentation, research, protection, promotion, inheritance and revitalization work of"Ningbo Tianyige ancient bookrestoration techniques" well, and to promote the inheritance and development of traditional culture.

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