Series of Activities of“Cultivation MakesTalent” of TianyigeExhibition Room Classroom Rounded off
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Pottery making technology has long been a bright spot of Chinese civilization. Learning from the ancient people and paying tribute to the craftsmen are the pursuit of our ceramic craft course. The learning in the series of coursesofcultivation makestalent opened byTianyigenot only cultivates the manipulative ability of a number of ceramics enthusiasts, but also let the students, in the process ofturning clayinto ceramics, feel the charm of ceramics, in the process of practicing and making mud, enjoy the fun of ceramics, and in the process of throwing, cultivate their temperament.

Oncethis series of courseswas launched in March this year, it received wide attention and active participation of a number of ceramicsamateurs. This series of ceramics courses started from experiencing the old methods of ceramics, then went through courses such as ceramics kneading, ceramicspainting andceramicsmouldingto deepened the students' understanding and skills of ceramic art. Several students said they had been followingthe relevant notices of Tianyige's WeChat so as to sign up for further activities atonce, which also contributed to the continued and unabatedenthusiasm of students for the series of courses of cultivation makes talent and a good atmosphere of constantly striving for perfection while learning. During the process of practicing ceramic art, looking at the turntable flow across the fingertips and gazing atunending changes in the palm, in this moving and stilling, clay turned into ceramicsworks which the students desiredto obtain, happy smiles appeared on the face of every student, this was just the charm of the ceramic art.

The course on November 19th was the last one of this series of activities, the cold wind could not stop the ceramics enthusiasts from participating, they came very early to Tianyige, the outstanding students of past courses were more eager to maketheir best ceramic works to demonstrate the learning results. One best student and three excellent students were selected according to the ceramics course participationsignature list, and for the sake of encouragement, Tianyigecommemorative albums were issued to them. After finishing course summary, satisfactory answers to this series of courses were demonstrated, students and teachers all left behind a bright smile.

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