Wei Li, A Famous Collector of Books, Visited TianyigePersonallyto Share His Journey Of Seeking Poem Traces
sources:天一阁博物馆Release date:2017-11-06 
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On November 5th, the famous book collector, Mr. Wei Li, visited personallythe oldest private library in China, Tianyige, he came with his new book, the Story of Finding Poetry, shared his journey of seeking poem traces with the many readers. Mr. Wei Lihas been dedicated to ancient books for thirty years, his private collection of books is unmatchable. In addition to paying attention to ancient book versions and collection anecdotes, he is also committed to the investigation and research of traces of ancient Chinese book collectors, the ancient books collected by him number more than one hundred thousand copies, all four categories are available, he is considered to be the private personcollecting most ancient Chinese rare books, and he owns a library called"Elaine House". He has written by himself many books, including Ancient Book Love, Ancient Book Collection, Elaine House Book Postscript Collection, Fine Jade Collection, Zhuheng Tanli, Book Collection Story of Lu Xun, Story of Obtaining Books, Story of Losing Books And Story of Seeking Traces.

In order to write the new book, the Story of Finding Poetry, Mr. Wei Li often explored deep into ancient tombs with bad traffic and scattered all over the country alone. By seeking the historical relics, Wei Li is able to travel across time and space and communicate with ancient people, which makes him aware that historical evolution does not occurat a simple point, so he regards seeking traces as a tribute to the ancient sagesof all dynasties, which represents an affirmation of national culture.

In the course of the search, Wei Li deeply realizes that the issue of protecting historical relics remains to be solved. The journey of many years of search is also a journey of regret and a journey of loss. The relics of many important cultural celebrities have long been lost. "For example, in the journey of poets of the Story of Finding Poetry, only the relics of Cao Cao and Cao Zhi in 'three Caos of Ji'an'were found the, andthe relics related to Cao Pi were never found." He traveled to all libraries all over the country which were recorded in ancient books, but the result let him feel deeply lost, about half of the libraries are all gone, the rest are in a worrying situation. For example, the library of the largest bibliophile during the Qianlong and Jiaqing period, Huang Pilie, was now located in the Suzhou silk factory;Miyun library, one of the four biggest Wuxing librariesbecomes a hair salon; many other ancient libraries have become government offices. Of course, he is unable to stop the change of the whole society, he only hopes to find them before these relics were lost and to record the historical factswith a pen and a camera. A map is attached to the the Story of Finding Poetry, on which the hometown, cemetery,ancestral temple, and relics of 119 ancient poets of all dynasties are densely marked. These are all places where WeiLi has visited in the last several years, he has traveled to 14 provinces and 1 municipality. He said, although the relics of many poets were not found, but this book is a history of poem in his own eyes.

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