Tianyige Academy - Guoxue Hall Invited Mr. Cheng Wai Ming, Peter to Talk About Cultural Relics Collection
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In the afternoon of December 8th, the Guoxue Hall had the honor of inviting Dr. Cheng Wai Ming, Peter to bring us a lecture, "Enjoy It -- A Talk on the Collection of Cultural Relics". Dr. Cheng Wai Ming, Peter is a senior researcher and deputy director of Jao Tsung-I Petite Ecole of University of Hong Kong. His research areas include Chinese antiquity history, Chinese study research methodology, bambooslip and silk research, Ci study, the Chinese literary history, Macao study, etc.. His printed works include 35 kinds of academic writings, 10 kinds of literary writings, and more than 140 journal papers and book chapters.

First, Dr. Cheng Wai Ming, Peter talked about why we collect and what we collect. Collection is related to time, with experience slowly accumulating, more and more things are collected, then we may become a special collector in one aspect. All academic research requires time, doing research is also a collection, a collection of knowledge. After we learn knowledge, we will digest it and then create new knowledge, this is what the scholars are doing. Therefore, the scope of collection can be very large. All human cultural activities are related to collection, in terms of philosophy and psychology, are all related to time.

Dr. Cheng Wai Ming, Peter listed three categories of collectors: the first type of collectors will do business; the second basically not do business, and they will sell the collected things or a part of the collected things when they get old to earn money to improve their lives; the third  only do collection, no business. Dr. Cheng Wai Ming, Peter belongs to the third category, when it comes to the pleasure of collection, first, "pleasure" is related to academic research, he said he turns his collection into his academic research, this is a kind of happiness, the collected things can become very serious research, even if only one paper is published, when it is published, he gets happy; second, "pleasure" is useful, Dr. Cheng encouragesd us to engage in collection, and to use the collected things as far as possible, the best collection is commonly using them in daily life. Only when the ancient books collected by Tianyi PavilionTianyige are used will Tianyi PavilionTianyige become popular and become more wonderful. The third "pleasure" is love, first you have to like this thing, and without considering its market value at all.

In this lecture, Dr. CZheng shared with us the joy of collection. By listing celebrities and sharing stories, he described the culture and characteristics of collection in detail and objectively, through which we understand and know more about collection.

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