Tianyige Academy - Hereditary Treasure: Experience Wooden Movable Type Printing in Tianyige
sources:天一阁博物馆Release date:2017-12-20 
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After the first wooden movable type printing experience activity was very highly praised, in the morning of December 16th, the second "Living Words -- Wooden Movable Type Printing Experience Activity" opened, and more than thirty citizens came to Tianyige to experience the old movable type printing art.

This activity was conducted to coordinate with the "Carving Sentence and Engraving Word - Life -- Mr. Tang Wai-hung and Mr. Cheng Wai Ming, Peter Donation Exhibition" which was carrying out in Yunzai hall.

The movable type printing is one of the "four great inventions" in ancient China. It has about four procedures: the first is type casting; the second is composing and typesetting; the third is inking, paper laying and brush printing; the fourth is orderly type storage. While its types are separate and movable types and its types can be sorted and composed and then printed according to draft requirements, so it is called "movable type printing". Under the guidance of the teacher, the participants first enjoyed a small video of wood type printing together, and got a general understanding of the several procedures and production processes needed for wood movable type printing. Then, after the procedures of composing and typesetting, inking and brushing, as paper was uncovered, a delicate and vivid wood movable type printing work displayed itself in front of everyone, then a red "Tianyige" seal was affixed, a complete work was completed.

The movable type printing is an important invention in ancient China. It has had a great influence on culture communication and social life. This Tianyige Academy - Hereditary Treasure experience activity enabled more citizens not only to catch a glimpse of the true image of wooden movable type printing, but also to personally experience and feel the charm of the ancient and ink aroma filling Chinese wooden movable type printing.

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