Internal mechanism

(a) Office

  The main function is to Tianyi Pavilion, administrative personnel, party, discipline inspection, comprehensive management, finance, documents, records, statistical work; organize and coordinate the business and administrative affairs; formulate rules and regulations to implement the system of units; the work organization; international liaison, public relations, interlibrary exchange; other work assigned by logistics and staff welfare Museum leadership, the implementation of the escrow or supervision department or post financial revenue.

  Deputy director: health contact 

  Tel: 0574-87293029

  Address: No. 10, Haishu District, Ningbo city.


(two) the Ministry of security

  The main function is to ensure the security and cultural relics, peripherals, display products, daily safety; formulate and implement fire safety, safety and other safety measures; to carry out safety education and daily management of high duty; electric room; Tianyi Pavilion open area door inspection, security and parking lot management; Tianyi Pavilion open regional health and greening work. Tianyi Pavilion Museum website.

  Director: Jin Yongding

  Tel: 0574-87304799

  Address: No. 10, Haishu District, Ningbo city.

(three) Department of Archives

  The main function is to collect, organize, storage, use and study of Tianyi Pavilion ancient books, local chronicles, calligraphy and painting, rubbings and other collections; undertake professional affairs and the academic committee of the "Tianyi Pavilion" series of journal editors, build the reading room and the Ningbo born celebrity culture database and collection work.

  Director: Rao National Day

  Tel: 0574-87311990

  Address: No. 10, Haishu District, Ningbo city.

(four) the Ministry of social education

  The main function is to explain the Tianyi Pavilion and tourist service, Tianyi Pavilion tourism marketing, complaint handling, love teaching activities such as planning work; Bear City, system of major activities and activities of the reception unit, the etiquette service, audience organization.

  Director: Zhang Bo

  Tel: 0574-87293856

  Address: No. 10, Haishu District, Ningbo city.

(five) exhibition and Exhibition Department

  The main functions of the organization is to organize the implementation of a major exhibition of the museum; responsible for the daily display and display of the museum, the image of the Tianyi Pavilion publicity and media news reports; the museum activities organized, planning, implementation.

Deputy director: Li Jieying

  Tel: 0574-87299092

  Address: No. 10, Haishu District, Ningbo city.

(six) the collection of the Ministry of the restoration (paper type of cultural relics protection center)

  The main function is responsible for the Tianyi Pavilion cultural relics protection technology, paper mounting, maintenance, repair, production work; undertake mounting business.

  Director: Wang Jinyu

  Tel: 0574-87260528

  Address: No. 10, Haishu District, Ningbo city.

(seven) the Department of cultural relics protection

  The main function is the Tianyi Pavilion intransportable cultural relic conservation, maintenance security project planning, technical design, organization and management of project quality acceptance; maintenance; protection of cultural relics and cultural relics management "archives management and peripheral units of cultural relics. Maintenance, maintenance and other management work of non movable cultural relics.

  Director: Cai Yuebo

  Tel: 0574-87291148

  Address: No. 10, Haishu District, Ningbo city.

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